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My name is Claudia Estrada and I am here to help you be heard and seen authentically with intuitive brand & website design so you can have a legitimate & professional home for your business that is aligned with your highest vision.

I want to help you show the world your genius, attract the people that need you, and live the impactful life you deserve! As an entrepreneur myself, I know the guts, the grit, the perseverance and the HARD work that it takes to start and grow your own business. My goal is to help you create an irresistible brand and a flawless website that will attract clients like magnets so that you can focus your precious time and energy on nurturing the heart of your business.

Designer: Claudia Estrada

CEpiphany allows me to shine a light on women doing amazing things.

In my 9-5 job as a civil engineer, I had a stable paycheck, a stellar grey-walled cubicle, amazing coworkers, uninspiring work, and a notebook full of business ideas. I knew I wanted more. I needed more. I needed creativity, flexibility, deep human connection, autonomy, passion and more time spent doing what I love. So I went against all logic and walked out the door to begin crafting a life aligned with my dreams and values. And it is the best decision I have ever made.

I get to be the conscious architect of my life everyday and I am making the most of it.

To get into a powerful creative flow I have created a daily practice that consists of some of my favorite things and activities. I meditate, journal, light candles, do yoga, burn incense and create a beautiful, inspiring atmosphere. These rituals help me to connect to my intuition so that I can create the highest-quality work for my clients. Because that's really what all of this is about.

I am on your team.

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