Elevate Your Online
Presence and Boost your Sales

with Intuitive Branding
Intelligent Web Design.

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Elevate Your Online Presence
and Boost your Sales

with Intuitive Branding
& Intelligent Web Design

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YOU are in the right place if...

  • You want an online presence that shines, that is authentic to you and your vision, and that attracts your ideal clients like magnets.
  • You are creating or expanding a conscious business that allows you to do what you love, share your gifts, and have the freedom you crave while making a positive difference in the world.
  • You are eager to work with a designer who can draw out your essence and vision, has infallible intuition, and great empathy for others. Someone who has the ability to read between the lines and hear what is not being said.
  • You want to focus your precious time and energy on nurturing the heart of your business and leave the other business-building tasks to professionals who are truly passionate about their work and who you can fully trust.
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- Services Offered -

Intuitive Visual Branding

We will design a brand that:

  • Is professional, memorable and true to the heart and essence of your business.
  • Works on a subconscious level to attract your ideal clients and customers and will perform as the silent but powerful ambassador of your business.
  • Is a strategic, well-thought-out visual language for your business - much more than just a logo!
  • Is high quality and you can proudly show off everywhere - from your social media accounts, to mugs, banners, and anything else you can think of.

Intelligent Website Design

We will create a beautiful website that:

  • Is aligned with your goals, your brand identity, and your dream clients and customers.
  • Intuitively guides users to your specific business goals and converts them into buyers.
  • Looks gorgeous and flawless on any device to provide the best experience for all your clients and customers.
  • Speed-optimized because having a short waiting time will keep your users engaged with your brand and increase your conversion rates, among many other benefits.

- Client Love -

"Being a seasoned business owner it's important to me to work with designers that can see my vision and join me on the leading edge of it as my business calls to evolve. Cepiphany was the perfect fit to revise my brand to reflect the next best version of myself and my work. Claudia's creative talent and ability to translate my essence into my business personality is extraordinary and offers my audience an experience that I'm truly proud of! Thank you Cepiphany!" - Star Hayward, Ascending Heart Academy Business Coach
"This was my first time working with Claudia. I'm thrilled with her work! Claudia has an amazing eye and conceptual creativity, and turned my blah website into a bold, eye-catching work of art. She was patient and understanding, and treated me as a respected collaborator. The whole experience was far better than I even expected. We're already talking about some future projects! I highly recommend her!" - Margalo Eden, Book Coach
"I hired Claudia to work on my brand, and create a whole new look for me. The Finished product not only makes me look more professional, it’s beautiful and I couldn’t be happier. Working with Claudia was also a pleasure, she is very organized, and was able to capture me, and represent me in a most authentic way. The process was pleasant and had a very quick turnaround. I would highly recommend using Claudia, when your business needs the creativity of a professional designer." - Mari Ane Anderson, Counselor & Healer

- Meet the Designer -

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Claudia’s superpower consists of infallible intuition coupled with a very logical mind. On the one hand, she excels at connecting one-on-one with her clients and drawing out their essence and vision. On the other hand, she loves her time at the computer tackling complex technical problems and optimizing solutions for her clients.

She is an ex civil engineer who was seeking more creativity and freedom in her life and decided to ambitiously pursue her dream of  utilizing her talents to help shine a spotlight on other women doing amazing things.

Claudia is a dedicated mother to a 4-year old boy who is the light of her life and the real reason she was brave enough to leave her stable engineering career - so she could spend more of her waking hours being there for him, and so she could set a vivid example of what it looks like to just boldly and unapologetically follow your dreams, in hopes that he does the same.

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